Technology Leader and Non-Executive Director


Non-Executive Director

Operating as an independent or external board director providing oversight, advice and guidance on all technology related matters for the executive management team.

Providing creative contribution and improvement to the board in an objective manner and helping to develop key strategies for the organisation.

An experienced technology led Non-Executive Director (NED) with commercial acumen and a wide range of business experience. Delivering strategic thinking to help identify how technology can differentiate a business to provide competitive advantage.

Technology Due Diligence Reporting

Conducting due diligence investigations or audits of potential investments to confirm the technology landscape value. Providing insight on the technology strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a potential investment.

PriceRoberts is able to identify technology risks within an investment portfolio that might impede the ability for a business to scale, integrate or face the threat of obsolescence.

Post-acquisition support to develop 100-day plans to help realise the strategic potential and maximise the business growth opportunities.

Offering services to help organisations prepare for an acquisition or investment from private equity or venture capital firms.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring individuals to provide knowledge, skills, social capital and professional development. Conducted either face-to-face or remotely via videoconference.

Supporting clients to achieve specific professional goals through training and guidance. Helping individuals to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses, while introducing new ways of thinking that can help to build confidence and gain appropriate recognition.

Access to a vast global network of business professionals to help broker relevant relationships that can add organisational value.

IT Strategy Development

Development and convergence of IT and Business Strategy to create a sustainable plan of action for technology aligned with business objectives, culture and people. Creating IT Strategies that help to realise shareholder value and maximise the return on IT investments.

Providing support with presenting the technology strategy to key stakeholders and ensuring it is successfully executed with the benefits realised.